Pandemic Report, 2020: Covid-19, a boon? A curse? A Political Mastermind? The Sufferings and Consequences.

Humans are finally forced to let nature heal from their heinous exploitation. Dolphins are returning to the rivers of Venice, Italy. Peacocks, wild boars, kangaroos and ostriches are freely roaming around on the roads of a few Western countries and Australia. So, is the novel corona virus a boon for the wild animals? Yes, the wild animals, it seems, are favoured by the situation. I mentioned wild animals, in particular as domestic animals along with straw dogs and cats are suffering from insufficiency of food. So, is the pandemic worthy of being termed a boon for the animals? Or is it worthless and should be termed a curse for the animals?

Humans were about to colonise Mars by 2020 but wait; we are not yet able to find an antidote to this deadly virus, which was previously compared to the mere common flu. Thousands of people are dying, lakhs are suffering, millions are quarantined, for what? A mere virus? Or an emerging biological warfare?

As billionaire Bill Gates in an event hosted by Massachusetts Medical Society and the New England Journal of Medicine (April 27, 2018) commented: “The world needs to prepare for pandemics in the same various way it prepares for war”. He added, “This preparation includes staging simulations war games and preparedness exercises so that we can better understand how diseases will spread and how to deal with responses such as quarantine and communications to minimise panic”. A few conspiracy instigators would suggest and claim that Gates predicted the future back in 2018 but the truth is every educated individual is a bit aware of the political tensions mounting over the world and its outcome of outbreak. Is it just a coincidence? Or a planned power of time to show what humans are capable of? Maybe this pandemic is a boon to a few political masterminds cursing the common majority.

Global economic crisis has already hit the doors of almost all the countries. Lockdowns have increased demand and price of the commodities without proper supply. Many NGOs, government and private groups have stepped forward to help the needy, the daily wage earners who have zero-income in this market of inflation due to the lockdown. Appreciating the noble deeds of the few groups, one question which tickles: Are there enough groups yet to feed the global BPL (Below Poverty Line) people? Obviously not, otherwise poverty would have been eradicated easily years ago. Is providing access to free pornographic contents, or cheap Internet charges, a solution to this global problem?

What has happened to “humanity”? Reduced to mere blind followers of trends? Where are the genius minds? Where are the big mouth debaters of MUN and opposition parties? The actual time has arrived to face the situations which were eventually hiding beneath the deep layers of the political world. Is it just the beginning?

Please do comment your views. Every viewpoints and ideas do matter.


pragmatism and optimism drives me.

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