I was just seventeen when I first met her, got to know her from a popular social interface. We became friends and gradually best friends and never did I ever think one day her name would be the one engraved in my heart. Yes, I do love her and its been a while she left me. Our association of love lasted only for eight years compared to my vision of forever. Always wanted her to be by my side physically till the last breath of mine; well I mentioned the word physically because mentally it is just impossible to get rid of her. Even once, when I thought I started to hate her, which obviously was an infatuated state of mine, she occupied every single inches of my spirit.

We are of the same age and during the early days of our association, we were quite bold and young full of burning intensity running through our veins. We grew together, passed our nonage to be full grown mature individuals. And as it seems, the challenges of our life intensifies once we are matured, the definition of life changes, point of views towards it changes and all of a sudden we love the feeling of being solitude. Ah, I miss adolescence! Everything was so smooth-going between me and her and suddenly one day we realised that there were so many tectonic stuffs, than love. Happiness faded, joy fell apart and the only thing which was there in us was a dark shadow of silence. I heard how magical love can be but never had I ever thought it would change a pervert to a platonic lover.

Yes, I’m still alive at the age of thirty-five and I’m not much of an emotional being. But the metamorphism of my emotional state seemed to have occurred when today, after nine long lonely years I saw her again and gosh! She was looking so gorgeous as well as beautiful in that red saree she was wearing. That saree might be the one I presented her on our seventh year anniversary of being together. She was carrying a baby girl in her arms accompanied by her husband who was carrying their young baby boyo. I saw her after nine years but felt butterflies in my stomach just the same way I felt when I first met her. I’m an established and successful person, leading a very comfortable life and I was overjoyed to see her with my own eyes that she’s successfully living the dream, me and her saw together. But I must admit that the only regret I have, is that our dream, which eventually came true is lived by her with somebody else and not me.

Life is a bit harsh sometimes, as it presents you your dreams and fantasies without even including you to live in it.


pragmatism and optimism drives me.

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